Nomad Clientele started back in 2006 by lead singer Lukas JP.  He was playing gigs as a drummer for local bands and a guitar player for a cover band.  He started writing a reggae influenced record, when he met the members of the band Candiflyp, Jenke, and Larry who had been playing for years.  They all realized that they could continue playing as both bands and so the Nomad Clientele was born.  Part of the reason it was called the Nomad Clientele is because it was meant to be an ever changing line up and that one day if one of the guys couldn't make it, someone else from the larger network would fill in.  As time went on though several of the members remained the same, and so did the name.  With Jenke on bass, Larry on keys and vox, Harry on Drums, Lukas JP singing and Dave on guitar, the music is unapologetic. It draws on punk, grunge, reggae, and ska to create a coherent new form of music that the band refers to as "skank rock", after the term used for the upstroke on the guitar.  They are rock tunes with ska and skank influences.  Above all else the band has been holding it down for several years, maintaining this style of music and becoming a regional favorite.  As they continue to expand and grow, fans have the opportunity to indulge in the bands 4 studio albums, with the prospect of two more on the way.  The shows are high energy and entertaining.  If you are tired of hearing the same stuff, but don't want to see a band built on cliches, then get these mfs to your club!